Organic Colostrum Powder

Organic Colostrum Powder

High quality Boosting the immune system bovine colostrum powder
Prodcut name: Bovine colostrum powder
Appearance: White Fine powder
Mesh size: 80 Mesh
Grade: Top Food grade

1. Enhance resistance and immunity
Immunoglobulin can bind to pathogenic microorganisms and toxins to form antibodies, which can improve the immunity of the adult system.
2. promote growth and increase IQ
Taurine, choline, phospholipid and brain peptide contained in bovine colostrum are indispensable nutrients for children’s growth and development.
3. Eliminating fatigue and delaying senility
4. Regulation of blood sugar
5. Enhance physical fitness and improve sports performance
6. Post-disease and postoperative recovery
7. Regulation of intestinal microflora

Performance:Soluble in water, the solution is clarified and translucent without impurity substance ,it is easily to absorb moisture and get a strong adhesion

Application:Leather products,plating,fire fighting foam,chemical fertilizer,construction,wigs etc.
Storage: To be keep in a dry place with sealed package,Shelf life is 2 years

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