Pine Oil

Pine Oil

* What is Pine Oil?
Pine oil is a common phenolic disinfectant that is used in a wide range of products from household cleaners to aromatherapy and bath oils. It is used for its pleasant recognizable pine scent reminiscent of fresh cut pine trees.

*How is Pine Oil Made?
Pine oil is made using a process called steam distillation. Because pine products are organic material, regular types of distillation processes would cause the pine materials to decompose because of their inability to withstand high pressures for a long period of time.

* What is Steam Distillation?
Steam distillation uses steam from water to lower the boiling point of the pine compound. The pine needles are placed in the distillation equipment and steam is directed through the material. As the steam heats up the pine needles, the essential oils run out of the pine material and are collected. This allows the pine to reach the needed temperature to extract the oils, but does not get hot enough to ignite or destroy the pine.

It is suitable for making up flotation reagent, degrease reagent for woven industry, printing and dyeing reagent, bactericide, and the essence of washing soap.

25kg/drum in plastic drum,180kg/drum in galvanized steel drum, export standard packing. Delivery on time as schedule.

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